The Classic Set is applied one by one... so if you have 50 natural lashes ..I apply 50 lash extensions.  This set is generally refilled every 4 weeks depending on how well you care for them at home.


Welcome to Tori's Lash Studio (formerly Elegantly Smooth Esthetics), I am a licensed Esthetician that has been applying Eyelash Extensions for over 8 years. I try to keep my prices lower so that everyone is able to afford getting a full set of lashes as well as maintaining them monthly.

The Volume Set is applied a little differently.

These lashes are so thin that I am able to apply more than one to your natural lash by creating a "fan". Volume lashes are super light weight so the multiple lashes will not damage your natural lash but will give you a fuller look.

I have found that refills on these lashes vary drastically by client.  I see some clients every 2 weeks for a refill however I also see some clients every 5 weeks for a refill.  It all depends on at home care and your active lifestyle. what are your options???...

  • ​Volume Lash Full Set​
  • Classic Lash Full Set​ ​